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Sail Against Plastic - A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTIC

Directed by Thomas Auld


A pioneering expedition to the Arctic. A student-led group of scientists, photographers filmmakers, and artists, head to the frigid waters of Svalbard to unearth the levels of invisible pollution.

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Naturewatch is a student-based documentary production team, focusing on the wonderful wildlife and landscapes close to home in Cornwall.


While at university, I worked alongside other biology and photography students to create a documentary series focused on Cornish Wildlife... Naturewatch.


This student-led team enabled us to educate about the wonders of the natural world close to home and also to give invaluable experience to those wishing to pursue a career in the wildlife film industry.


In the initial stages of my time as a team member, I helped to set up shoots, record sound, and film time-lapse sequences. This steadily evolved into more camera work and in my final year acting as a director and senior member of the team.


Below you can see which of these episodes I helped to create!


Season 3 Episode 1 


In this episode, our new presents get up close and personal with an amazing array of Cornish wildlife including an other-worldly marine mollusk, an adorable mammal, and lots of predatory fish!

Season 3 Episode 2 


In this episode, we move from air to land and sea. Join us as our fantastic presenters take a look at some of Cornwall's wildlife, living upside down and in the ground; and help to tackle the problem of marine plastics pollution that is becoming such a prominent feature of our coastlines.

Season 3 Episode 3 


In this episode, we investigate the interconnectedness of our local wildlife and how we can help it thrive. We've got wetlands, woods, and more water! From the very small to the very elusive, it's sometimes easy to overlook what is living right on your doorstep...

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