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A Bounty of Birdlife at RSPB Greylake

University is over for Summer break and with that a chance to visit my home patch birding spots.

With exams over and a bit of time off between work its always time to go looking for wildlife!

While visiting my Grandparents, my Grandfather and I decided to head over to RSPB Greylake, a fantastic spot for all types of wetland bird and the carpark feeders are prefect for passerines.

A quick lunch in the car park was first on the list watching the birds while they ate theirs.

The feeders closer to the willows draws an abundance of great tits, blue tits as well as some goldfinches and a treat of a greenfinch pair. The other seems to be more appealing to the local reed buntings and robin.

The walk over to the hide is never boring and it was nice to hear the first sedge warblers of the year for me bellowing from the reeds next to the path.

The water at the hide was bustling, a few rowdy ducks made it all the more lively, and it became entertaining to try and count the nesting pairs of lapwings while they ran around. The afternoon was made by a low flying marsh harrier, even if brief, and the appearance of a few redshank which foraged in front of the hide for a while before it was time to leave for tea.

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