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Traipsing to Trull for a Walk and a Waterfall

A short trip to Trull Waterfall and a walk around the surrounding countryside.

It's not common knowledge, that there is a waterfall in Trull, the west country even. It's not particularly grand when compared to the angel falls of Venezuela or even close to Victoria falls between Zambezi and Zimbabwe but its quite the nice feature to finish an afternoon walk around the countryside. I know that some people have claimed that the old stone has healing properties, I'm not quite so sure but if it does I'm quite sure the mallards are happy with that.

The walk began in the early morning and it was an excellent one, perfectly clear sky and a perfectly warm temperature, it was made all the better by the plethora of birdlife along the way. A highlight was a male Blackcap belting out a song from some blackthorn in the corner of a meadow.

Many of the large trees in the area hadn't developed a massive amount of foliage as of yet, which was nice because the light shade of green I much prefer over the darker colour of late summer.

Close to an estate, two lines of proud oaks stood at attention, potentially the old entrance to the property left to be an avenue for the butterflies and the bees. The path led close to the river, through fields and for much of the time in some an audience of quite content cows stood munching on the grass.

Overall the day was well spent, a lovely stroll with great company and a well earned drink in a village pub is always a bonus.

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